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Stair types

Stringer stairs - Chudziński Stairs

Stringer stairs

The design of stinger stairs guarantees not only a great appearance, but most importantly safety. This is a proven solution with a stable structure, where the steps are made of wood and placed in support stingers. A wide selection of wood species allows you to perfectly match the interior, and also provides an excellent decorative element. An additional advantage of stinger stairs is the small amount of space they take up.


Carpet stairs - Chudziński Stairs

Carpet stairs

A distinctive feature of carpet stairs is the lack of stingers, the treads are mounted to the supporting elements and connected to the treads with special screws. The elements of a carpet staircase must be solid, as it has a self-supporting structure and requires high rigidity. Made of high-quality materials, they are a beautiful finishing touch with a minimalist form. The flights of the carpet stairs can be straight, quarter-turn or curved – depending on the room and customer requirements.


Comb stairs - Chudziński Stairs

Comb stairs

They are made of different types of wood and, depending on it, perfectly match different styles. They make an excellent decorative element.
Just like the stringer stairs, they do not take up much space. The comb stair treads are made of wood and set into wooden stringer boards.


Cantilevered Stairs - Chudziński Stairs

Cantilevered stairs

This type of staircase is very impressive, but it requires proper structural preparation of the wall in which the treads will be fixed (in the case of straight stairs) or the column (in winding stairs). This is a lightweight type of staircase, which will give you more space in your room. However, they must not exceed 120 cm in width due to their attachment on one side only.


Stairs on metal construction - Chudziński Stairs

Stairs on metal construction

Until recently, metal stairs were mainly the domain of public and industrial facilities. Today, the trend has changed significantly and they have become a fashionable element of residential interiors. Stairs on metal construction give a unique character to the interior, and their cold, steel elegance fits perfectly into modern as well as classic rooms. Metal stairs can be successfully combined with other materials, where the steps, handrails or balustrades are made of wood or glass. They are increasingly popular and are a real visual attraction in homes.


Pin stairs - Chudziński Stairs

Pin stairs

Pin stairs are a great solution for small spaces, and they are extremely lightweight and do not obstruct the space. On one side, the treads of the stairs are in a stringer, while on the other they are pin.