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Dear Sir or Madam,
We are a modern and continuously growing company. Since 1994, we have consistently pursued the main goal of our business, which is to build a strong brand associated with the highest quality in carpentry services. Taking care of the highest quality, we employ only highly specialized employees constantly improving their skills. Our staircases are the result of the work of both our employees and clients, whose wishes, ideas and comments we implement in our projects.

Chudziński Stairs Company specializes in comprehensive staircase construction, from consulting and design through production and installation.

We also offer the choice of purchasing stairs for self-assembly.
We have a modern carpentry shop, paint shop and drying room. Among others, we work on numerically controlled machines using Compass software, which allows us to provide services at the highest level and with convenient deadlines.

Many years of experience in the industry and the knowledge we possess allow us to satisfy the most demanding clients, including those who are strict with the economic calculations.

Chudzinski Stairs - Company
Chudzinski Stairs - Company
Wooden stairs manufacturer - Chudzinski Stairs
We offer stringer stairs, comb stairs, stairs on concrete, carpet stairs, cantilevered stairs and stairs on metal structure. We use oak, ash, beech and exotic species of wood for production. We offer a wide range of colors, including staining and finishing of usable surfaces with top-grade varnishes or oils. At your request we add glass, stainless steel, stone and artistic blacksmithing to our products. In terms of locksmithing and blacksmithing services, we work with regular, reliable suppliers. For us, cooperation with local companies, for whom we are the main client, is a guarantee of fast and timely realization of orders, as well as a direct impact on the quality of the work performed.
Our offer is aimed at both individual customers and companies. We work with construction companies in the German market. We are a leader in individual and system projects.

The staircase comes with a 5-year warranty and service in Europe.